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Our People & Partners

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What we do

Incorporated in 2006 we continue to help companies streamline their business process with the use of technology and software.

Whilst in 2006 we worked across a broad range of financial solutions, in 2008 we focused on expenses as many of our clients were experiencing issues with incorporating secure, reliable and cost effective solutions that integrated with their existing applications. We build strong partnerships which we still maintain to this day.

Building on our earlier success, we decided to compliment our offering of expenses with timesheets, with features that included workflow, management reporting, dashboards and a solution that is highly configurable allowing it to be customised for many types of business.

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The introduction of the ‘Cloud Computing' grants our clients access to enterprise-class technology and allows smaller businesses to react faster to changes in their business. Using the cloud also results in at least 30% less energy consumption and carbon emissions than using their own on-site servers.

  • FLEXIBILITY - Instantly meets demand
  • DISASTER RECOVERY - No complex disaster recovery plans
  • AUTOMATIC UPDATES - Freeing your time and resources
  • CAP-EX FREE - Pay As You Go and no capital expenditure
  • SIMPLE ACCESS - Via the internet and browser
  • SECURITY - Documents stored securely
  • COMPETITIVENESS - Minimising your IT costs
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - 30% less energy consumption

Our People & Partners

Mark Schnauffer

Mark Schnauffer | Director
Mark has 15 years experience delivering software solutions and providing technical consultancy to numerous clients, both blue chip and SMEs. He is committed in providing our clients software that streamlines their business whilst delivering tangible benefits.

Rebecca Weetch

Rebecca Weetch | Non-Executive Director
With a passion for business Rebecca has helped us define (and redefine) our business model whilst staying focused on delivering to our goals and targets. With 18 years working for a major global technology organisation she brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience that is invaluable to our business.


KETL | Partner |
Trying to get a handle on your data can seem overwhelming. Particularly if it’s fragmented, corrupted, disparate or old – or all of these. But no matter how complex the data or problematic the challenge, Ketl can help. That’s because data is our speciality. In fact, we’re experts when it comes to helping organisations make the most of it – from data quality, integration and migration to warehousing, data analysis and visualisation.